Q:  Do participants need pads?

A:  No, this is a non-contact event.

Q:  Can participants wear cleats?

A:  Yes, non-metal cleats only.

Q:  How long does it take for player stats to be loaded on the website?

A:  We strive to have player stats and highlight reels loaded within one week of our events.

What should we bring to the event?

Bring rubber cleats if you have them, sun screen, and normal athletic clothing. No metal cleats allowed.

Will food and water be provided?

Yes, water stations will be available for the participants. Participants are encouraged to bring their own beverages, and/or snacks. Food is not provided. Most events will feature food trucks, where food/snacks/drinks may be purchased.

Will there be available seating and shade at the event?

Because we hold our combines at different venues throughout the state, seating and shade will vary from event to event. We recommend bringing seating and/or a pop up shade tent if you prefer.

My participants are multiple ages. What time do I bring each participant?

We set our combine up to accommodate all age participants at the same time. We group the participants up by age. Each age group participates in each event together and rotate through the circuit together.

How long does it take for rankings, player profiles and highlight reels to be uploaded to the website and/or social media?

We strive to upload all data and videos with in 2 weeks post combine. We will send email updates when they are live. Announcements on social media will be made on all our platforms. Please follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Which pros will be at your next combine?

We typically announce returning and additional pros on our social media platforms prior to the event, so please follow us on our platforms.

Do you have a discount for multiple participants or team discounts?

Yes, contact us directly for team codes. Group of 10-19 participants can receive up to $15 off per participant. Groups of 20+ can receive $20 off per participant. Must preregister entire group on our website 48 hours prior to event date.

My child is just starting football or doesn’t have any football experience. Can they participate in the combine?

Yes! AZYFC is great for all talents and skill levels. As long as they are healthy enough to run and jump, this is a great experience for beginners looking to get in to football just as much as those trying to showcase their talent and ability and run a 4.5 laser-timed 40!

What combine events do the participants compete in?

The 40-yard dash, broad jump, vertical jump, shuttle, and a strength test involving tossing a weighted ball as far as possible from their knees.

Is the event just a combine?

That is a good portion of our event, but participants also get position-based coaching, skills, and drills from NFL and college alumni.

Does my child need to bring their pads?

No, this is a non-contact event.

Can a bad performance at a Combine hurt my stock?

No, because of the “scratch rule.” AZ Youth Football Combine cares about the athlete first. If an athlete does not like a particular mark, the time or mark may be scratched from the results. We want everyone to gain combine experience so they can learn and improve from their experience with out penalty.

How do I scratch my testing results?

Athletes can scratch their results by email azyouthcombine@gmail.com after the event to have their results scratched. Please be sure to include the athlete’s name, event attended and the results you want to have scratched. Please note that scratching any of the testing results will not yield a Rating. Email as soon as you can after the event to ensure results won’t be posted

My athlete has a birthday the prior to the event what age do I list them at?

Make sure to list the athlete the age they will be the day of the event they will be participating in.

Are there different registration times for the different age groups?

No everyone registers and participates at the same time. Athlete are grouped and compete by age group. They rotate as a group to each combine event. For the speed and agility and position based drills the are also divided by age.