Arizona Youth Sports: 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Your First Football Combine

Combine Results and Data that Matters Every young football player should attend a professional combine if they have the opportunity. Football combines in Arizona are becoming more popular because [...]

2019 AZ Youth Football Combine Standouts & New Combine Records

2019 Pinnacle High School Phoenix, Arizona Football Combine Results 5-7 Year Old Division Results One of the most talented group of athletes to date led to several new AZYFC Records.  In the 5-7 [...]

January 27th Arcadia HS AZ Youth Football Combine Results

2019 AZ Youth Football Combine Arcadia High School Phoenix, Arizona Several returning top 10 champions and a mix of new talented athletes from across the state made for an incredible first [...]

Training For The NFL Combine

Why Has the NFL Combine Become So Important? A prospect’s performance at the NFL Combine can make or break a career. Outstanding combine results produce dollars, and lots of them, in the end. [...]

Second Combine Experience Produces Better Results

Combines are one of the major components used by scouts and recruiters to measure a players potential and their athletic baseline. Coaches and evaluators are constantly searching for athletic [...]

Planting Seeds of Inspiration and Preparation

I can still remember my first football camp. I was six years old. The youngest son of a teacher and union worker, who grew up in the rural outskirts of Chicago. I didn’t have any special [...]

Player Spotlight: Tavian Dennis & Miles Lockhart

Two Campo Verde combine participants stood out in the 11-13 year old division. Team Impact’s Tavian Dennis and AYF’s Miles Lockhart. Tavian took the fastest 40 time for the division, with an [...]

AZYFC Player Spotlight Carlos Fernandez DB/WR

Winning the fastest 40-yard dash for his age group with a time of 4.798 seconds and also claiming the fastest shuttle with a time of 4.31 seconds Carlos Fernandez had an impressive showing at our [...]

Football Training Camps In Arizona [How They Help]

If you’re looking for an excellent youth and high school football camp in Arizona, then AZ Youth Football Combine is the event to you’ll want your child to be a part of. AZ Youth [...]

[Arizona Youth Sports] Competitive Football League

Does a football combine for kids in Arizona actually exist? The answer is yes! Our program prioritizes Arizona youth sports by offering football training for young athletes who want to learn [...]

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