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Why is a Player’s Vertical Important to Coaches and Scouts

Vertical Jump AZ Youth Football Combine

AZ Youth Football Combine Vertical Jump Test

The vertical jump measures a player’s ability to get off the ground. An above average vertical can lead to a big advantage on the field. In a game of inches when the ball goes up in the air the athlete with the biggest vertical has a huge advantage. The value of a strong vertical jump can also show a player’s ability to burst off the line of scrimmage. That makes it an especially important statistic for lineman, who have to surge off the line with power. According to the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective combine results matter and can be valuable data for coaches and scouts to predict on field results. Arizona youth sports are now realizing the impact of credible combine data.

Vertical Test Breakdown Rules and Procedures

To complete a proper vertical jump test you must measure the player’s standing reach. This is done by having the athlete standing flat-footed and reaching above his or her head fully extended. Once a proper standing reach measure has been completed the athlete will be given 3 attempts. The vertical jump prospect then jumps flat-footed to hit as many flags above them as possible. The player is then given a second opportunity to hit more flags and best his previous jump. The player is given one last attempt to complete their vertical test. Arizona Youth Football Combine has created an opportunity for football players to both improve and show off their skills in the first youth football camp & combine competition in Arizona. The youngest of athletes get to learn how the pros train, while high school athletes get to see what colleges look for in future recruits. The goal of these combines are for Arizona football players to walk away from this event motivated to improve while gaining a valuable combine experience.

Current Combine Vertical Records Brandon Herron

The current NFL Combine vertical record stands at 46 inches. Set in 2005 by safety Gerald Sensabaugh. The former Tennessee state long jump champion had a vertical of 46 inches on the nose, the best of all time. Sensabaugh played in Jacksonville and with the Dallas Cowboys for eight seasons in the NFL. To put that vertical accomplishment in perspective the AZ Youth Football Combine’s current vertical record stands at 35.5 inches. Set by RB/LB Tredevyante Hinchey from El Mirage, Arizona. A high school senior at the time who played for Dysart High School. Hinchey set the vertical record at Pinnacle High School in Phoenix, Arizona on March 31st 2019. You can check our current combine records listed by individual ages on the AZ Youth Football Combine website


How to Maximize Your Vertical Jump Test Results the Day of the Event

Properly warm up and stretch legs and hip flexors prior to jump. Align feet even with the Vertex cross bar just inside the measuring slats. Before the jump, stand as tall as possible once or twice by rising up onto toes and raising arms overhead. Swings arms down and back, and drop hips into quarter-squat position. Explosively extend hips, knees and ankles, and propel off balls of feet to jump straight up. Extend dominant arm up and look at middle finger of dominant hand. Do not swipe or swing at slats hard, this will hurt your hand and decreases jump height. Instead gently tap the slats at the apex of the jump. Be prepared to land properly with bent knees to avoid injury.

Arcadia HS 2019 AZ Youth Football Combine

AZ Youth Football Combine

Combine Benefits

We proudly have a lot of returning athletes who come back to the combine after working on suggested improvements and best their original combine results. High school football players benefit from these combines during the off season. It is a great way to gain credible data and potentially get scouted by colleges. These combines are also good training for younger athletes as well, like kids who play flag football. Kids who attend the AZ Youth Football Combine get to work directly with and learn from professional athletes. Each football player receives a free player profile and certified combine results data from each event. This way they can track their results and improvements each year and set goals to accomplish every season.


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