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Combine Results and Data that Mattersarizona youth football league

Every young football player should attend a professional combine if they have the opportunity. Football combines in Arizona are becoming more popular because from combine stats alone, you can significantly predict how well a player will preform.  According to the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective combine results matter and can be valuable data for coaches and scouts to predict on field results. Arizona youth sports are now realizing the impact of credible combine data. Furthermore gaining combine experience at a young age and learning proper techniques can give athletes an edge as they look to ascend above the competition.

New Opportunity for Arizona Athletes

Arizona Youth Football Combine created an opportunity for youth to both improve and show off their skills in the first youth football camp & combine competition in Arizona. The youngest of athletes get to learn how the pros train, while high school athletes get to see what colleges look for in future recruits. These special events are designed just like professional combines where speed and agility are tested. Every participant receives proven tips to improve their skills, accurately measure personally statistics, and create their own personal player profile. Arizona football players walk away from this event motivated to improve while gaining a valuable combine experience.

Players are Willing to Travel to Attend Top-Tier Combine Events

This off season athletes are traveling from New Mexico, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and throughout Arizona to come together to compete and train.  As a result they will go through a series of tests to evaluate their strength, athleticism and skill for the sport of football. Therefore these tests are designed to let coaches know what skill level their athletes are at. The tests include 40 yard dash, 20 yard shuttle, vertical and broad jump test, and a medicine ball strength test.

Start Young the Experience Can Only Help and Motivate you as an Athlete

Age Divisions:

Junior Pee Wee 5-7 year olds

Pee Wee 8-10 year olds

Junior 11-13 year olds

Senior 14-18 year olds

Combine Benefits

Combine results are recorded and used to measure current skill levels of the participants. For instance this data helps us guide students and give them new tips on improving. We proudly have a lot of returning athletes who come back to the combine after working on suggested improvements and improve their original combine results. High school athletes benefit from these combines when going into their football seasons and when looking to be scouted by colleges. These combines are also good training for younger athletes as well, like kids who play flag football. Kids who attend the combine get to work with and learn from professional athletes. However this program is not a time for kids to simply play football for the day. It is a program that gives youth an incredible football experience and is good training as they prepare for high school and college teams.

Top Performers

This off-season football camp & combine offers football training for kids from beginners to advanced athletes. As a result this football camp is great for kids who play flag football, tackle football, or football just for fun. The AZ Youth Football Combine has a training level for everyone. To get your child involved in the next combine, please visit the “Sign-up” page on our website. Top preforming athletes are ranked in a fun and positive manner to encourage healthy competition and sportsmanship.



1. Improving combine results will lead to better opportunities for young athletes

2. Combine experience and repetition gives players an edge over the competition

3. Participants are traveling to compete in top-tier combine events

4. Credible combine data are valued by coaches more than ever

5.  Competing in combines will motivate players to work even harder during the off season


Let us know how old you were when you attended your first combine and how was your experience?

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