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Combines are one of the major components used by scouts and recruiters to measure a players potential and their athletic baseline. Coaches and evaluators are constantly searching for athletic ability and explosive players to add to their programs. Combine results and testing can often be the differentiating factor when it comes to deciding between two similar recruits. Gaining valuable experience and coaching in a professional combine environment at an early age can be a huge advantage over the competition.

Several athletes attended both of our pro-style combines at the end of spring 2018. Across the board players who attended their second combine showed noticeable improvement. Gaining experience, feeling comfortable, and knowing what to expect definitely makes a difference with most young athletes. Taking advantage of the time in between combines and perfecting the techniques recommended by coaches proves to have a big impact on combine results. Even small details such as:  knowing what cleats to wear, how to best prepare for the day, and warm ups are important factors that can give an athlete the an edge over the competition.  Establishing an athlete’s baseline is important on several levels. Having a goal or personal best to beat is a great motivating factor for a young athletes.

Donovan Williams participated in the last two combines less than a month apart and showed improvement across the board. Williams a 14 year-old who plays slot receiver and corner in the Arizona Youth Sports League made the most of his previous combine experience. Donovan posted the best shuttle time in his division with a time of 4.62 seconds. What was impressive about Donovan compared to other participants was that he improved in each event and increased his PPR from 44.79 to 51.36. This resulted in him earning most improved honors at our last combine. Keep putting in the hard work and the results will follow congrats Donovan great work.

Donovan Williams:

40-yard Dash/Vertical/Broad Jump/Strength/ Shuttle/PPR

1st Combine Results:   5.623 /17.5 /6.5/ 15.25/ 4.87 /44.79
2nd Combine Results: 5.18  /  19  /  7  /  18     / 4.62 /51.36




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